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Life Coach

I will help you....

Step Fully Into Your Power

We will identify the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

You will replace those with empowered thinking.

You will feel more confident to show up as your full self.

Discover WHO You Are & WHAT Your Want

We will construct an identity that aligns with your core values.

You will develop a road map for where you want to go.

You’ll take actions to make your goals a reality.

Free Your Heart, Mind & Sould

We will design what a meaningful life means to you. 
You will break through family and societal expectations. 

You will live a Life of Meaning with Courage and Purpose

Pick A Coaching Sessions

““Mariam is a big inspiration that allowed me to write and draw my books! She made me develop a deeper awareness of my true self and embrace what matters most to me. Mariam has this high intuitive awareness. I was blown away by her intuitive insights about my life which proved truthful every time and which ultimately led me to make life-changing decisions. She has a genuine compassionate nature. It was very clear that she truly cares which made me feel understood and supported throughout my journey. I grew as a person by working with her. She helped me to find the courage to start creating a life that’s in alignment with my true values. Needless to say, Mariam has had a tremendously positive impact on my life. I highly recommend Mariam’s coaching to anybody interested in achieving their goals faster while enjoying the process."

Raye Ann Saunoris, artist and book writer,

Mirror and Indoor Plants

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is Coaching?
    A: Coaching is about helping clients determine where they currently are in the journey of their lives and where they would like to be, clarifying their life goals, and identifying action steps to reach these goals. It is also about keeping the client motivated and accountable.
  • Q: Who Is A Certified Coach And Why Is That Important?
    A: Currently, there are no federal regulations on becoming a Professional Coach. That means anyone can call themselves a coach, regardless of training, background, and experience with working with people. International Coach Federation (ICF) was founded to address this void. To be a certified coach through ICF, a coach needs to go through in depth training via an accredited coach-training institute, such as CTA, that includes gaining real coaching experience with supervision. The coach also has to pass an exam to gain the credential. Once certified, coaches need to take continuous education to renew their credential.
  • Q: What Is The Difference Between Life Coaching and Therapy?
    A: The main difference is that, in coaching, we start with the foundation that there is nothing to “fix” with the client. The client is creative, resourceful and whole. Therapy, on the other hand, is diagnostic and treatment based. Another difference is that, in coaching, we focus mainly on present and the future. Therapy usually deals with the past and the emphasis is on understanding the issues rather than action points and accountability.
  • Q: How Do I Start?
    A: The very first step is to call or e-mail me to schedule your 30 min. Complimentary Sample Session. During this session, you will be able to ask any questions you might have on coaching and decide whether coaching is for you. Your next step will be to schedule your Self-Discovery and/or your Monthly Sessions.
  • Q: After 1 Month Working Together, Is There A Minimum Time I Need To Commit?
    A: No, after the 1 month we do not require a minimum time commitment. Our coaching relation will continue as long as there is a benefit for you as the client. The time you need will depend on where you currently are, where you would like to be, and how committed you are to get there. Often times, when a client reaches a specific goal and experiences how coaching helped them to get there, they find another goal to work on and the coaching relationship continues.
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