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Policies &

Policies and Procedures Agreement:

The Coaching Service: Coaching is a partnership in which I will support you in a thought provoking and creative process to maximize your personal and professional potential. Coaching is not therapy, advice or counseling although we may explore the conditions in your personal or professional life in order to help you establish and pursue your goals. I maintain the ethics and standards of behavior established by International Coach Federation, the details of which can be found here:

Schedule and Fee:  We will start with an in-depth Self-Discovery Session ($289; which includes the SDS Package and 1.5hr video session. And then proceed with 4x1hr/month sessions ($596/month). Your payment is due upon receipt.

Monthly Coaching Session Format: Coaching Topic: Each session begins with the coach and client agreeing on the coaching topic of the day and defining what a successful session looks like. Coaching Questions: We will discuss your motivations and challenges around your coaching topic and create an action plan to move you forward.


Coaching Reflection: At the end of our session, you will have an opportunity to reflect on your biggest takeaway, your action plan/accountabilities, what you found most helpful, and address any areas for improvement. I want you to feel free to ask for what you need. I will look forward to supporting you through this journey.


Rescheduling/Cancellation: Rescheduling an appointment is easy with advanced notice. If you have an emergency, we will work around. If you cancel in less than 24 hr without an emergency or miss an appointment without notice, it will be considered a paid appointment.

The Self-Discovery Session can be rescheduled but can not be cancelled since you'd be receiving the Package shortly after booking your session. 

E-mail Support: Communications, homework accountability and more can be handled through e-mail. You can use it frequently to stay in touch in between sessions. There is no extra charge for e-mail communication.


Video-coaching Format:  All sessions are conducted over video call unless we make other arrangements in advance. The coaching session is your time. You will get the most out of each session if you are on time and talk in a private, quiet, comfortable location where you will not be interrupted.


Confidentiality:  Our coaching relationship and the contents of our sessions are completely confidential. The exception here is that, if I become concerned about my client causing physical harm to him/her self or others.


Commitment:  A truthful and authentic exchange is important for a successful experience. The coaching relationship is an ever-evolving one. The experience can span the continuum from feeling inspiration, and renewed energy, gaining insights and forward movement, to lower energy, slower cycles, as it is a process that captures and reflects the human condition. If the full and authentic commitment is there, all aspects of the coaching have meaning and purpose in supporting your goals, visions and growth. Please communicate to me if anything comes up that causes questions or concerns. I greatly value honest feedback and being respectful of boundaries.


You are hiring me as your coach because you want to make significant changes in your life. These policies and procedures are in place to keep you motivated and accountable for your goals.  


Thank you for the privilege of accompanying and supporting you on this journey.


Mariam Ayoub, B.S., Certified Coach

Hiring Mariam as your coach indicates that you have read and agree with the terms and information outlined above.

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